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Trade Goods DKP

Post  Cratchet on Fri May 30, 2008 4:37 pm

*note this is a repost from the one already posted (just updated by lunariann). i wanted to make it a sticky so it will always be available:


DKP is awarded on a point basis. Generally, only 25-man content from SSC/TK onwards will award DKP if you attend a raid, down a boss, be on-time and/or perform exceptionally well in a raid. T5 (SSC/TK) and T6 (MH/BT) items belong to different DKP groups, i.e. you can not use T5 DKP to get T6 items and vice versa.

Current DKP system
- 1 DKP per hour
- 1 DKP per boss down (except Gruul's/Mag's Lair)
- 1 DKP for being ready
- 2 DKP for first kill

Raid Signups
25-man raids will be posted at least a week in advance and there will be ample notice about when the next one is. Invites will start approx. 30 min before the raid does. The majority of the raid should be zoned, repaired and have all their consumables 15 min prior to the pull (This will ear you 1dkp for being ready).

In the event that you do not sign up for the raid, yet show up to attend, you will not accrue the DKP for raid attendance.

Awarding of bonus DKP
Do note that it is at the Raid Leader's discretion to award additional DKP to a raid which has done exceptionally well (e.g. fast clearing of trash mobs, all bosses 1-shotted). This is an incentive to spur raiders to perform at high standards consistently instead of wasting time wiping to get their gear warmed-up.

Milestone Achievement Bonus DKP will also be awarded for significant milestones made. This DKP will be awarded to the next level's DKP Group, i.e. when we down Vashj, a MAB DKP will be award to each person in the raid in their T6 DKP Group.

It is up to the RL/ARLs' discretion to deduct points from a raider that is seen being intentionally disruptive to the raid and/or causing wipes on bosses on farm.
If you signed up as being available for a raid, yet failed to show up on that day itself, without informing anyone that you are not able to make it, 3 DKP will be deducted from that DKP pool.
For Magtheridon and Gruul (where dkp is not used for loot) a 2 dkp penalty will be deducted for no-shows.

DKP item costs are listed in the webDKP page. An item that is not PVE-oriented (more PVP, e.g. with resilience) will probably have its item value lowered to 50% (rounded down to the nearest whole number).

*Latecomers/Early leavers*
You, the raider should /w whoever's doing DKP that day when you JOIN the raid (that means when the invite to the raid pops up, not when you get subbed in), or when you leave the raid (for whatever reasons, just state your reason).

Simply put, if you don't do it, you have no DKP. That's it. No /w = no DKP for latecomers and early leavers. We mean it. You won't even get the attendance stat. It's as if you didn't exist in that raid. No attendance, no DKP, nothing.

*Stand-By DKP*
Often members may be asked to sit out for raids due to rotation. Raid composition is very important for progression and sometimes having more of one class may make learning an encounter much easier. When asked to sit out even though you have signed up for the current raid, you will be awarded the same amount of points as raiders in the instance (NOTE: no boss down DKP). However, being on stand-by is NOT self-declared. Only the Raid Leader and/or Assistant Raid Leaders can ask a raider to be on stand-by. You DO NOT self-declare that you will be on stand-by. Such action implies you have no interest in raiding and will not be invited for subsequent raids.

*Being on Stand-By*
After sorting out who's on stand-by, raiders are allowed to go on their alts or to PUG some simple instances*. If you chose to log off WoW, be contactable for subbing at all times. Generally, AIM is the cheapest form of communication rather than a long distance phone call. If you are un-contactable when you are required to substitute a certain raider, stand-by DKP will be voided (unless valid reasons are given).
*If you choose to PUG an instance, please let your group know in advance that you are on standby for a 25-man raid, and will need to leave immediately when called upon to sub in.

- Some raiders might find themselves in the negative zone after taking one or two items. This is to ensure that there is no inflation of DKP. Established members will still get priority over loot. Currently, loot priority is as follows on ALL raids: MT/OT have the highest priority. Off-spec loot would be scaled to 50% of the original DKP value, to be rounded down to the nearest integer.
- Sometimes it is inevitable that a raider has to raid with his/her alt so that the raid can carry on. However, the said member who's using his/her alt is sacrificing a lot because potential gear that he/she needs could be forsaken since he/she's on the wrong character. Hence, in order to cater to the nice people who are willing to sacrifice for the guild, everytime someone is asked to play their alt to ensure raid progression, they will accrue 1 extra DKP per raid hour. NOTE: You DO NOT choose or claim to play your alt for the 25-man raid, it must be a RL/ARL request.
- Applicants are awarded DKP but are not awarded loot. Initiates are awarded DKP but lose to member priority.


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