Slipitin 70 Hunter

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Slipitin 70 Hunter

Post  Slipitin on Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:17 pm

Character Name: Slipitin LEVEL 70 DRAENEI HUNTER
Age: 23
Time Zone: Central(texas)
Any level 50+ alts on Arthas: No

Armory Link:
Stats (If your armory shows off spec gear):

Would you consider respeccing or regemming for raids: Yes, definately

Raid Experience:
Kara Ė Clear
Gruulís Ė Clear
Mag Ė Clear
ZA Ė Clear
SSC Ė Clear
TK Ė Clear
Hyjal Ė 4/5
BT - 6/9

I currently have a shadow priest on Aggramar (Easy Company Guild). Iím still in the guild and I raid with them on a casual basis now, since Iím on my hunter full time.

Past guilds and reasons for leaving: None on Arthas. I just hit 70 on this guy. I made this character to start raiding with a friend on PVP in which, coincidentally, is why I am applying to your guild.

Computer/Internet Specs: P4 3 GHz, 2 gig ram, ATI radeon 9800 pro. DSL internet

Do you have vent and/or a mic: Yes

A little about yourself: Iíve been playing wow for about 2 and a half years. Iíve been in the raiding scene since I hit 60 on my first character. Iím 23 years old and I go to school. Iím a serious raider but at the same time I like to have fun. Outside of wow, Iím into a lot of sports. Donít really play them anymore, but I never miss my games Very Happy . Iím easy going and I normally get along well with others. My gear isnít the best at the moment. I just hit 70 two days ago on this toon, but I offer a lot of experience in just about every fight in the game and this is my second 70 hunter so I do know how to play my class well.

Thanks, Jon (Slipitin)


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Re: Slipitin 70 Hunter

Post  hermioney on Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:48 am

You can send a tell to Hermioney, Lunariann, Cratchet, or Archonist for a guild invite and then we will do a trial run. We have atleast 3 active hunters with another coming most of the time so I can't gaurentee you much raid time. If this changes your decision please let us know.

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