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Post  Koldz on Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:34 pm

Character Name: Koldz
Age: 16
Time Zone: Eastern Coast
Any level 50+ alts on Arthas: No, I dedicate all my time to my main.

Armory Link:

Would you consider respeccing or regemming for raids: Yes I will do anything do benefit the guild/raid.

Raid Experience: Full Kara,Gruul,Mag. Done a few SSC fights.

Past guilds and reasons for leaving: Black Dragon Clan - Tru (current) thats it, im dedicated to my guild but looking for more raiding.

Computer/Internet Specs:1g ram, dual core processer,

Do you have vent and/or a mic:Yes and yes.

A little about yourself: I like to party and play WoW thas bout it Razz Im always on time for raids unless its an emergency situation, and I'm looking for alot more dedicated raiding.


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Koldz 70 Mage Empty Re: Koldz 70 Mage

Post  hermioney on Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:46 pm

Send a tell to Hermioney or Cratchet for an invite and we will set you up for a trial run of something. We raid two nights for 25 mans and 1 for 10 mans usually. 25's are on Wednesday and Sunday from 8-11.

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