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Post  imonline on Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:06 pm

Character Name:Imonline
Time Zone:east but i like to play late
Any level 50+ alts on Arthas:no

Armory Link:
Stats (If your armory shows off spec gear): I have full epic tank gear and full epic nature resist gear as well

Would you consider respeccing or regemming for raids: Ive been a tank since pre bc and unless its completely necessary, i prefer to raid as a fury warrior but i am flexible

Raid Experience: I have experience in kara,gruuls,mag, and tk

Past guilds and reasons for leaving: none on Arthas, Xferred from Magtheridon

Computer/Internet Specs: i have no computer lag, and i have fast cable internet

Do you have vent and/or a mic: yes and yes

A little about yourself: i dont play this game for the loot, i play it for the challenge and excitement of downing a new boss


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