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Stanaslave Application - accepted Empty Stanaslave Application - accepted

Post  stanaslave on Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:28 pm

Name Stanaslave 70 Rogue
65 days ingame days online

Armory Link:

Age 29

Raid Exp:
Well I have been raiding since Jan 05, Playing since Launch. I have run all pre BC 40 mans and high lvl content.
I have since completed a few Kara runs with Aramatus. I have always enjoyed large guild raid settings. I was a founding member of The Republic which was a fairly Large well Known guild a year ago (IMO) but they self destructed while I was on a break from wow. I am very used to large raid setups and following orders through Vent and in game. I have really enjoyed raiding with Aramatus and since it seam most of the have joined or applyed to Trade goods I would like to continue playing with those friends and meet some more. I also have a well geared 70 (30 day online) priest (blue) who with a little bit of gear would make a great healer.
thank you.


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Stanaslave Application - accepted Empty Re: Stanaslave Application - accepted

Post  Zillaana on Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:33 pm

Seeing as we currently have 2 rogues with one being inactive for over a week, it's pretty safe to say melee dps is welcomed. Contact myself, hermioney, craiggless or lunariann and we'll do a trial run.


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