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Post  Zillaana on Thu May 01, 2008 12:04 pm

Bosskillers Guide:

My Strategy:

Mage Tank: Cratchet (Other mages start making a +stam set)
Maulgar Tank: Lunariann
Shaman Tank: Vield
Priest Tank:
Warlock Tank:

High King Maulgar: Archonist & Chibimaruko
Firehand: Hellohkitty & Lucemferre
Summoner: Zillaana
Seer: Khaia
Crazed: Tyresebiggs

Krosh (Mage) puts up a fire shield that Cratchet needs to spellsteal every time it's up or else he'll die. Aside from the shield he'll cast fireballs at Cratchet and do the occasional blast wave. NO ONE should be anywhere near the mage.

Vield will pick up Kiggler the Crazed (Shaman) and boomkin tank him along with Crampz and Arkhandris. He casts nature spells at and polymorphs his target. He is also known to do a knockback. Vield will need to stay at range and just cast at him.

High King Maulgar will be misdirected to Lunariann. He will not be touched until all the adds are dead.

Blind-Eye the Seer will be tanked by a single warrior. This will be the first target to be dpsed down. Occasionally, he will put up a shield and start to cast prayer of healing (AoE heal). This shield needs to be burnt through and the heal interrupted.

The Summoner is a warlock. He will summon large felhounds that will be enslaved and used to tank him. There will also be a tank other than the felhound as well.

The fight starts with Cratchet pyroblasting the mage and taking him near the entrance. Immediately after that the other adds are picked up by their respective tanks
~Vield stands by the entrance to Gruul and tanks Kiggler where he is. Vield needs to be at max range and just cast at Kiggler.
~High King Maulgar will be MD to Lunariann. He will be tanked in the corner made by the wall and the side of the rock (the position where the mage is standing in the bosskillers, dark blue).
~The Seer will be MD to another tank (can be in dps gear). The tank will need to build as much threat as possible as this will be the first target.
~The Warlock tank will run in and tank The Summoner in the middle of the room by where he's standing.

High King Maulgar 22-gruulpulls

The only difference between our strategy and this picture is that we switch where Maulgar and Krosh Firehand (Mage) are tanked.

The dps will initially kill The Seer while making sure to burn through shields and interrupt heals. Once Blindeye the Seer is dead the dps will move onto Olm the Summoner (Warlock). After The Summoner is dead MELEE will move onto Kiggler and RANGED will move to Krosh Firehand (Mage). Once those respective mobs are dead all dps will move onto Maulgar.

Maulgar will enrage at 50%. He will charge and start whirlwinding. When he does this RUN AWAY AND STOP DPS. There's no rush once he's in this phase and it's important that Lunariann securely get Maulgar back.

Once you can successfully do the pull the rest of the fight is fairly easy.

Links to Maulgar Videos


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